The interesting thing about ‘ugly’ people. 

Recently, I was reading a VICE article about a festival held in a small town in Italy that celebrates the ugliness of all of its members. I’ve linked the article so that if you want to read it, you can. As I was reading it, I was really surprised. 
Why? Because in my head, I had concocted these images of really REALLY ugly people. So when I got to the bottom of the article where there were photographs of these people who attended the festival, you can imagine that I had braced myself for the worst looking people in the world. 

Imagine my surprise when I scrolled down. They were just normal people! Mainly men, who were a bit older and a little bit overweight, but apart from these physical features that they thought made them ugly, they weren’t really ugly at all. 

Sourced from VICE.
See? He’s not so bad!

This lead me to a whole thought trail of why I thought these people would be absolutely hideous. Why did I think that these people would be so ugly just because they went to a festival to celebrate their ugliness? Why was I feeling a bit let down when they weren’t as ugly as I hoped? 

Then it hit me. Although people might look a bit different physically to what you’re used to, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re ugly and should be made to feel like less of a person just because they don’t look the same way that everyone else does. If anything, it makes them way more unique than everyone else. And I don’t mean unique in the way that people usually use it (also known as using it for another word for ugly), I genuinely mean it in the way it’s supposed to be used. 

The only thing that makes people ugly is if they do ugly things within society (murder, all the other bad things) or if they’re ugly in their personality, which means just being selfish, unkind, using people, manipulating people and all of those other bad things. These people in the article weren’t anything like that. They seemed like nice people who had come together to this festival because they believed that they were ugly. 

Luckily, when I finished going through this emotional roller coaster all because I read an article, it made me realise something (again). The reason that the festival had started was because the founder wanted people to feel good about themselves, regardless of what they look like physically. If holding the festival every year helps a whole group of people feel better about themselves, that’s really quite wonderful. It’s spreading positivity to a group of people who are proud of their ugliness (even though they’re not really ugly). 

I say good for them. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! Have a nice day. 


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