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I lost my wisdom this weekend. 

And by that, I mean that I finally got the rest of my wisdom teeth removed. The dentist that I went to didn’t prescribe me any painkillers at all and just told me to take nurofen and Panadol at the same time. At the risk of sounding like a worry wart, I didn’t want to die so I just asked the chemist next door what was the strongest painkiller they have. Panadeine forte was my new best friend. 

You know what they don’t tell you about getting wisdom teeth removed? It SUCKS. Everything you want to eat and have been eating previously is no longer an option because you’ve decided it’d be a good idea to get 2-4 teeth ripped out of your jaw at the same time. But your body doesn’t know that. Your body still wants and needs the nutrition that it’s been getting previously. 

This used to be you, but not anymore!

Unfortunately for you, your only options are either up n gos (also known as a godly creation made by sanitarium who saw a gap in the market and filled it with their product) or mashed potato (filling but it is what it is).  

Gone are the days of eating hamburgers or spaghetti and here are the days where you’re all puffy and can’t sleep because you’re in that much pain. I mean, why should the doctor give you any painkillers at all? It’s not like they’ve just gouged your gums and ripped teeth out of there and then stitched up the wound. OH WAIT. 

The only positive that comes out of this is that hopefully, you’ll no longer have any issues with tooth pain because you’ve gotten the issue removed and that you live in a country where:

  1. Dental care is possible
  2. You’re in a position that you can afford to pay for said dental care
  3. You have people to look after you while you’re recovering from said dental care

I mean, it could be worse. 


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