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Little life update.

I know. It’s been a month, and you’ve been completely lost without my thoughts on the world and what’s been happening with me in my life because you have a vested interest in a random on the internet.

How sweet.

I’m back now though, and I’m here to give you a bit of an update. This month has been one of the craziest of my life. I’ve finally finished my three year university course, finished my three month internship where my nose was to the grindstone and I’ve hit 5000 views on this website that I write for (which you can check out here). It’s definitely been busy. Add on top of that seeing my friends, my family and this fuckboy who ran away when I tried to make things serious and you have one exhausted twenty something year old.

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Today is the first day I’ve really had to myself. It’s nice. I’m glad I finally have a chance to reflect on just how much I’ve really accomplished within this month and focus on what’s in store later on for me. Hopefully good things! I mean, I’ve been feeling a lot better (it’s definitely not a change in my diet or a change in exercise) so I’m guessing that something mentally has shifted. Once I work on eating more vegetables and exercising 30 minutes daily, I will be unstoppable.

Or so I tell myself anyway.

What I’ve found lately is that I’ve got a really good group of friends around me and that we build each other up instead of just… seeing each other because we feel like we have to. I was talking to a coworker yesterday about this and she says that she still has friends like that at 30 years of age. I was in disbelief. What is the point of keeping people around that you’re not a fan of and that you don’t want to build up and grow with? If you’re not interested in their successes or who they are as a person, why keep them around? Especially if they annoy you? I just don’t get it.

I’m definitely not preaching or anything like that. I have a tendency to do this, and I’m pointing out that I’m not doing it now. Live your life however you want to. Go wild. I’m just also pointing out that if someone annoys you and you can remove them from your life, you’ll probably be more thankful for it in the long run.

How have you guys been finding this month? I hope you’ve had a good one! Let me know how it’s been in the comments below. 


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