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Job Post: Nailing that phone interview

Phone interviews are a quick way for employers to get to know who you are without actually meeting you. However, this isn’t always a good thing, especially if you’re unprepared. Some of the questions can easily throw you off, and it can be hard to recover while you’re on the phone.

Luckily, I’ve come up with a guide to help you nail that phone interview. If you do have any tips, feel free to let me know in the comments. Here we go!

Be confident in your phone interview.

Being confident in your abilities is a key part of nailing the phone interview. After all, you’re going to need to convince an employer of how good your skills are, and it’s a lot easier to do this if you believe in yourself and your skills. If you’re a bit unsure as to what your skills are, go over the experience that you’ve listed on your resume and then try to think about key parts that helped you do that job well.



Try not to use filler words in your phone interview.

By filler words, I mean the words that you use when you can’t think of anything to say. ‘Uh’, ‘um’, ‘let me think’ are all words that you should try to avoid using while you’re on the phone, as it shows that you’re unprepared and don’t know how to answer the question. Although it’s not always a terrible thing to use these words, try to keep your use of them to a minimum. Otherwise, this will be you.



Have a list of examples ready for potential questions that’ll be asked in the phone interview.

Brush up on potential interview questions (I’ve found some for you here and here) and think about what answers will really knock the employer out of the park. It’s also helpful to try and figure out what experiences you have gone through your working life and try and link that up to an interview question. By doing this, you will show that you’ve had real life experience handling situations like the ones that you’ll be asked to handle in your new job and the employer will be impressed that you’ve drawn on your real life experience and applied it to their hypothetical questions.



Hopefully this guide will help you for future phone interviews. Let me know of any more tips in the comments! Have a nice day.


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