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Surviving the Holidays: A Guide for Introverts

Introverts have a tough time during the holidays. I know this because I am one. It usually seems like a good idea to take on all of these social commitments, especially because the year is winding down.

However, once you’ve awkwardly made your way through another party you weren’t keen on attending, you’ll learn a few things quite quickly. I’ve made a list of things that will hopefully help you out.

1. Realise that you, as an introvert, need space.

It can be difficult telling people that no, you don’t want to go out again because you’re mentally drained from something you did yesterday, but taking that step forward is a good one. I say that I’m sick to acquaintances or explain to my friends that I need to relax, and they’re pretty cool with it. There’s nothing wrong with taking the time to decompress and relax by yourself.



2. Don’t commit to too many things.

This might seem like a no brainer, but with everything and everyone inviting you to things now that it’s December, it can be so easy to commit to too many things that you don’t want to go to. Take the time to sift through those Facebook invites and figure out what you actually want to go to. That way, you will end up enjoying what you do go to, and if you can’t make it to something else, a simple ‘Hey man, can’t go because of <insert reason here>’ will take care of that.



3. Get ready for your relatives (aka an introverts worst nightmare).

Come Christmas Day or any other family gathering that you’re forced to attend out of social obligation, you should have a battle plan in place for your nosy relatives you only see once a year. Battle plan might sound dramatic, but when your relentless aunty is 5 drinks deep and is asking you ‘how come you’re not married yet? You’re such a lovely girl’, you’re going to be thankful you’ve read this guide. Have your answers for them ready, for example:

‘Yes, I do know what I want to do next year!’.

‘Yes, the job market is terrible’.

‘You’re so right about milennials, we’re nothing but time wasters!’

You get my drift? Naturally, you know your relatives better than I do, so your plan might look a bit different, but feel free to tweak these answers to best fit the scenario you’re faced with.



 Now that you’ve been equipped with this guide, go forth and survive the holidays! Don’t forget to have a good time!


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