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Figuring out your goals for 2017

Goals. It’s a fancy word for ‘things you want to do in the new year’. I like to think of a new year as a new slate. I’ve realised in the past year that I have little to no self control. Ideally, this is something I’d like to work on in the new year by thinking of how not doing the thing will benefit future me. There we go, that’s a goal!

See how easy that was? A goal is really just something that you’d like to do and can work towards in the new year.

Usually, people find it easier to physically write down their goals so they can keep track. Others like to tell others about their goals so they’re held accountable for keeping up with their plan for the year. I don’t like this way because it’s getting other people involved when it should just be you and what you want to achieve this year.

“But Courtney!!” you cry “My goals are too difficult/hard/any other excuse here”.

Pfft. As if! I’m calling bullshit on that. You’re just afraid of working hard, which is fine, but if you’re unhappy with the way that things are, hopefully you’re aware that you can change it. You can change something you’re unhappy with literally any time you want to.

Hate how long your hair is? Book an appointment and get it chopped to a length you like.

Hate how unhealthy you are and how you always get fast food on the way home? Plan a dinner you’re looking forward to and eat snacks before you leave work so that urge to eat badly is gone.

Want to exercise but are afraid of people laughing at you at the gym? Start with workouts at home and then when you have the funds/confidence to go into the gym, you’ll be sweet.

Some of my goals for this year are to eat healthier and exercise more. I know it’s a common stereotype for the twentysomething to be a couch potato, but if I keep up my habits, I’m going to morph into the couch. Not good.

What are some of your goals for this year? Let me know in the comments! Have a nice day.


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