Top 3 songs of the month: February

Songs are wonderful. I know this. You know this, unless you’re someone who doesn’t listen to music, in which case, maybe this list isn’t for you.

Anyway, it’s definitely too early to be calling what my favourite 3 bangers are for the whole month of February, but I haven’t exactly been active during January because I was on a cruise. Therefore, I’m including songs from that month as well. Think of it as a ‘Top 3 songs of Jan-Feb’ mix.

This was me while I was listening to the top 5 songs. Source

Anyway, here were/are my top 3 tunes for the last two months. Get keen.

1. Feels Right by Godwolf

I am in love with this song. I found this song while deeply rummaging through a playlist that was recommended to me by Spotify and I’m so glad I listened to it. It’s so nice and relaxing, and Godwolf has the smoothest voice that makes me feel at ease no matter what I’m doing, whether it be trying to clean my pit of a room or driving home at night. They’re an Australian band from Melbourne, and if you want to hear more from them, their Soundcloud is here.

Burn Fast (Win & Woo Remix) by Bryce Fox

If you haven’t picked up by now that I generally listen to electronic music, that’s understandable because it’s only been one song deep. Fair warning though. I do listen to a lot of electronic and although I realise that might not be everyone’s thing, a lot of recommendations that I give in these lists are more than likely going to be electronic tunes. Sorry not sorry.

So, there’s that. Take it or leave it. Source

That being said, this song is so lovely. It’s got that island/tropical vibe that comes with songs lately. I’ve often been in favour of remixes instead of the original, and this is no exception to that rule. Although Win & Woo are by no means small (they’ve got 54.4K followers on Soundcloud), I’m doubtful you’ll hear this on the radio, which is a shame because it’s a tune. You can hear it below though.

Float Away by Grabbitz

The piano in this song is what initially pricked my ears up, but the lyrics and electronic chorus are what kept me hooked. This song is relaxing to listen to and you’ll definitely feel like you can float away, which I guess was the artists intention. Clever.

This self proclaimed one man band from Buffalo in the United States has it all going on. You can hear more of his tunes here.

Hopefully you like these suggestions, or if you have some bands you think I’d like to listen to, feel free to leave it in the comments. Have a nice day!


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