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Yoga Studio is great for beginners

Yoga Studio is an app I found out about while browsing the App Store. I’ve been meaning to get more into yoga, as it’s relaxing. However, the classes in my area are too expensive for my budget.

Luckily, that’s where Yoga Studio comes in. At a steal of $AUD5, this app is cheap. With the other apps for yoga that I’ve tried, I’ve always avoided having to pay for them. This is entirely because I’m a tight ass.

I was surprised at the quality of the app. The Classes section gives you the options to choose from a section of classes, to make your own workout or search for a specific duration of classes. I usually go with the Collection option, as I don’t know anything about yoga and what I’m hoping to achieve from my exercises just yet.

The beginner classes are a dream. There’s a 15 minute yoga workout called ‘Relaxation’ and it definitely does the job. I do it before I go to bed and I swear I’ve been sleeping better because of the relaxed state of my body.

yoga studio
This is more of less what I’m like after a 15 minute video. Source.

The classes are shown through HD Quality videos, which are downloaded onto your phone. There’s the option to delete the download after you’ve done and there’s 24 hours of yoga content already on the app. There’s a beginner’s video you can check out here.

The instructor is a woman who slowly takes you through what you need to do. Her presence is super calming and she doesn’t go too fast, which is amazing. This instructor takes you through the poses step by step. I tried one of those yoga books that you can get from Kmart and she went much too fast, so it was a nightmare trying to keep up.

Yoga Studio
Me after the workout. Source.

I can’t recommend this app highly enough for people who are looking to get into yoga but are either time poor or can’t afford a class. The app is easy to navigate, is cheap, and has step by step instructions so you won’t get left behind. Let me know if you give it a go in the comments.

Have a nice day!


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