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Year in Pixels charts are taking the world by storm

The ‘Year in Pixels’ charts are a great way of tracking your mental heath day by day. Although they might seem a bit complicated to use, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I tried making one up in an Excel document, but let’s be honest. Nothing beats the satisfaction of colouring in a little square with the colour of your mood on paper.

I think it’s the fact that it’s tangible that makes it all the better. It’s like ‘wow, I am physically making sure that this is my mood today and now it’s this colour and that’s the end of that’. There’s a sense of finality to choosing a colour, especially when you use texta like I did instead of coloured pencils.

Rookie move there.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know what they are, they look like this:

year in pixels
shoutout to POPFN for making this one instead of the one that I made out of paper and very badly drawn lines with a ruler

Feel free to save this to your phone and print it out later. It’s really great being able to track your mood and make changes in your life if you need to.

Anyway, this whole idea got really popular through the Internet because of this one tweet. It had been floating around on Pinterest and Instagram for the last few years, but it was through the tweet below that it gained traction and praise for its simplicity.

Kyra┬áBailey’s brother saw this in her room, took a photo of it and put it on Twitter. I’m not entirely sure if he knew what it was, but the tweet went viral, with more than 14 thousand favourites. It got so popular that Bailey got picked up by Buzzfeed, where she explained her love for the Year in Pixels chart:

“Using the tracker really helps my mental health, it makes me feel like every day I’m a new person,”

Personally, I’m all for anything that gets people taking more care of themselves mentally, as I think it’s something that’s overlooked within our society. This is a fun stress-free way to realise how you’re feeling without actually thinking too much about it.

Let me know if you’ve used a ‘Year in Pixels’ template and your thoughts on it! Have a nice day!


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