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Today, I deleted Tinder.

I’ve got such a strong love hate relationship with Tinder.

Sometimes, I’m all about swiping and the hot people it leads me to. Other times, it’s like ‘oh for fucks sake, we’re having this conversation again!?’.

What I’ve found is although it is exciting to match with people from high school who you always secretly wanted to bone (I’m looking at you, Drew), there’s also something so tedious about it all. What I’ve likened matching on Tinder to is pretty much the equivalent of meeting people in a bar.

You see someone hot and you go up to them and say ‘hi’, only to have them awkwardly say hey back. You then get the joy of being completely ignored and then get to watch while they talk to someone hotter.

I’ve seriously got no time for it. Source.

Other times, it’s the equivalent of getting sexually harassed on the street. I can’t count how many times some guy who looks alright in his pictures (and by ‘alright’, I mean not likely to murder me if we hang out), who then goes and ruins everything by being like this:

Hey babe, nice tits


It’s gotten to the point where I’ve deleted, redownloaded and therefore rematched with so many of the same people that they’ve started to RECOGNISE me. I’m now known as ‘that chick who unmatched me’. Not the best identifier but hey.

I don’t know what a millennial girl is supposed to do. It’s not like people my age talk to each other anymore (thanks smartphones and social anxiety), and it’s getting colder. This means that I’m less likely to go outside in skimpy dresses in the hope that some 19 year old finds me appealing and buys me a jaeger bomb despite the fact that I’m turning 23 this year and now have a full time job to go to.

Anyway, point is I’ve deleted it. For now, anyway. I’ve got too much to do and can’t give these whiny boys the attention that they think they crave. It’s so weird that just because we matched on tinder that they think they’re owed my time. Ah well. No longer my problem.

I did it! Source.

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