Tinder Tuesday

Tinder Tuesday: Meet Luka!

I know. I’m a damn liar.

I know that I said I deleted Tinder, but I didn’t exactly tell you guys the whole truth.

Turns out, I was blocked.

I know, right? What must I be doing with my life in order to get BLOCKED from Tinder? An app that’s used purely for no strings attached sex?

Admittedly, I got inspired. A few months ago, there was this meme going around about this woman on Tinder who had in her bio ‘send me 5 dollars and see what happens’.

I saw this, and was like:

Damn, there’s actually PROOF that men will do this!?

And the rest is history. I stupidly put in my bio ‘Paypal me money so I can deal with your shit’. Turns out that’s a violation of Tinder’s terms and services, and when I tried logging on next, I couldn’t.


That was only my Facebook account. I signed up with my phone number, and I’M BACK BABY.

Without further explanation, meet Luka. As always, these are legitimate screenshots that I’ve been sent from real men who have jobs and all that garbage.


Classic. What a brilliant first message. As you can imagine, this was my face upon reading that:

Tinder Tuesday
Paris gets it. Source.

Have you guys had any experiences like this? Let me know!


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