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Yoga Studio is great for beginners

Yoga Studio is an app I found out about while browsing the App Store. I’ve been meaning to get more into yoga, as it’s relaxing. However, the classes in my area are too expensive for my budget.

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Figuring out your goals for 2017

Goals. It’s a fancy word for ‘things you want to do in the new year’. I like to think of a new year as a new slate. I’ve realised in the past year that I have little to no self control. Ideally, this is something I’d like to work on in the new year by thinking of how not doing the thing will benefit future me. There we go, that’s a goal!

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Surviving the Holidays: A Guide for Introverts

Introverts have a tough time during the holidays. I know this because I am one. It usually seems like a good idea to take on all of these social commitments, especially because the year is winding down.

However, once you’ve awkwardly made your way through another party you weren’t keen on attending, you’ll learn a few things quite quickly. I’ve made a list of things that will hopefully help you out.

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Post-Grad Freak Out

So, I’ve just recently finished my third year course. Exciting, right? I’ve slogged in the hours, finally have something to show for it and hopefully will get into the workforce. I mean, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Unfortunately for me, what I’ve found is the complete opposite. No one wants me, despite my experience, and it doesn’t matter that I’m willing to commute three hours to and from work. There’s plenty of more graduates who live closer to the jobs, have more qualifications than I do and are just bursting with fresh and innovative ideas that will progress whatever business hires them forward.

That’s not me being negative, either. That is the harsh reality I’ve found out and I’ve only been finished with university for two weeks now. I’m literally applying for everything that might be relevant towards my degree, but I’ve noticed that I’m leaning towards the marketing jobs when my major is professional writing/journalism.

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Maybe I should go back to uni for another year, smash out a diploma in marketing and then try again afterwards. I wouldn’t mind doing that, but I doubt my family would be pleased. There is that option for me to do that. I think I might do that, admittedly.

I don’t know, it’s all too complicated. I just, want to make content and get paid for it. You honestly wouldn’t believe what these internships ask you to do. They literally work you to the bone (not the one I was at, the one I had was lovely, full to the brim with lovely people who are dedicated in helping their brand grow), but the one that my friend does, she is literally churning out articles for three brands and doesn’t get paid for it. The gif below was me when she told me.

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It sounds a bit exploitative to me, but apparently, that’s just how the workforce is now. Instead of graduate jobs, we have unpaid internships. How on earth am I supposed to live and have a social life if all anyone in the workforce will give me is unpaid work? I’d have to go on Centrelink.

That just fuels the stereotype of all young people being on centrelink though, and it’s not like we’re given a chance to do anything else. We all want to work, there’s just no jobs. We are all experienced, but again, there’s just NO JOBS.

I remember hearing a story that my friend told me about my local area, and he said that for every one job posting, they get about 150 applicants. How ridiculous is that!? There is no way in hell that’s an unfair ratio at all, is it.

There is the potential that he could’ve been lying or misremembering a statistic and made one up just to sound impressive, but I take his word on it. So much for Malcolm Turnbull being all about ‘jobs and growth’ within the Australian workforce.

Oh well. Fingers crossed I find something soon. I’m going a bit mad just being at home all the time.

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If you’re a recent graduate, or someone who has found themselves unemployed for a stretch of time, what are things that you’ve done to keep busy? Let me know in the comments!

Have a nice day x